What You Should Know About the Suboxone Spit Trick

To spit or to swallow. That is the question when it comes to Suboxone.

If you have ever taken Suboxone, you may have experienced the uncomfortable, unpleasant “mouthful of chalk” sensation and a pretty nasty taste in your mouth left behind after the medicated film

If you are just starting with Suboxone treatment, you may be wondering how exactly you are supposed to take it and if there is any way to make taking your daily dose a bit more pleasant for the senses.

What is the Suboxone Spit Trick?

Spitting the Suboxone saliva out after the film has completely dissolved, then rinsing and spitting it out again is referred to as the Suboxone spit trick.

The directions on the Suboxone packaging only say that you need to hold the film under the tongue until it dissolves, but don’t specify how long that is or what to do with the mouth full of spit you’ll accumulate while the film dissolves. Perhaps due to the lack of detail provided in the official instructions, it seems that many people have rather strong opinions about whether to spit or swallow once the medicated film
has dissolved, so searching the internet will most likely result in the question remaining rather than being answered.

One thing is certain: as long as the film is allowed to dissolve completely, you will get the total dose. The medicine is absorbed under your tongue, and the medication administration is complete when the film has dissolved. So, whether you choose to spit or swallow, as long as you allow the film to sit under your tongue until it has fully dissolved, your body will absorb the entire dose of medicine.

That said, the Suboxone spit trick isn’t going to do any harm, so if you feel you must spit, by all means, do so.

Does the Suboxone Spit Trick Prevent Naxalone from

Rumor has it that the cause of the chalk sensation is the naxalone, leading some to suggest that spitting the saliva out after the film dissolves will prevent your body from absorbing the naxalone. Since the naxalone prevents opioids from attaching to the opioid receptors in the brain, the effect of absorbing all

the buprenorphine and none of the naxalone would be desirable to anyone hoping to get high on
Suboxone or those who are still actively using other opioids.

Whether you take it as good news or bad news, there is no evidence to suggest any truth to the claims that spitting prevents the absorption of naxalone.

Does the Suboxone Spit Trick Prevent Stomach Upset?

Some people report experiencing nausea and other intestinal issues when they swallow, even after letting the film dissolve completely, and this is why they prefer to spit the saliva. Again, as long as the film has completely dissolved, spitting won’t do any harm.

Is Swallowing Suboxone Spit Dangerous?

As far as swallowing Suboxone spit, the buprenorphine is absorbed under the tongue. If you happen to accidentally swallow the film before it has entirely dissolved, this will decrease the effectiveness of the buprenorphine. The naxalone will absorb in the stomach, but the buprenorphine doesn’t absorb so well in the stomach; that is why you need to hold it under your tongue until the film has completely
dissolved. The medicine will still work if you swallow it. It just won’t be nearly as effective.

An End to the Suboxone Spit Trick Debate

So then, it turns out that to spit or swallow isn’t the question after all. The real question is: Did you hold the film under your tongue long enough so that the film dissolved? If so, you are free to follow your dreams, spitting or swallowing as you please.

The bottom line is this:

Whether you spit or swallow is a matter of personal preference only and does not affect the efficacy of the medication as long as the spitting or swallowing occurs only after allowing the medicated film to dissolve entirely.

Four Tips for Effectively Taking Suboxone

Now that we’ve settled that debate, let’s consider a few tips that might help make the whole experience of taking Suboxone a bit more straightforward and likely to be effective, if not less unpleasant.

  1. If possible, let the film dissolve under your tongue for a full 15 minutes before spitting or
    swallowing. The film may dissolve after 10 minutes, but everybody’s chemistry is different. After
    15 minutes, you can be sure that the film has indeed dissolved.
  2. Refrain from smoking, eating, or drinking anything for 15 minutes before taking Suboxone.
  3. Wait for 15 minutes after taking Suboxone before eating, drinking, or smoking. You can spit or
    swallow during this time, but no food or drink.
  4. Once the whole process is complete, treat yourself with something pleasant to eat or drink.
    Heck, if a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, have one if that’s what it takes to stay
    in recovery.



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